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Artist's Reception

February 17, 2020 5pm to 7pm

At a very early age I was interested in art. At age nine, I was often drawing and also taking pictures of nature with my brownie camera. This preoccupation was somewhat focused on insects and specifically butterflies. I was always fascinated with the beauty and variety of colors found on their wings. The amazing transformation from a slow moving caterpillar to a colorful fast flying butterfly seemed amazing and highly unlikely. Most of my life I have made occasional drawing and paintings until ten years ago when I took a watercolor lesson from an artist in the Smokey Mountains. Since then, I have studied and created art in many areas including: drawing, two and three dimensional design, printmaking and photography. Beginning with very realistic paintings and drawing from photographs of butterflies, I began to experiment with abstraction. The painting process involves a progression of changes. At some level, the artwork paints itself.

These paintings are inspired in part by the colors found on butterfly wings and throughout nature. I also contrast both structural forms and organic forms. The paintings are meant to be interpreted by each individual viewer. In fact, to a large degree, interpretation is in the eyes of each individual viewer. I really enjoy the process of creating art and hopefully you the viewer will also enjoy the final product or at least find it interesting. The complex series of lines, shapes and colors leave room for a large amount of imagination. Use yours freely.

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