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Artist's Reception

October 14, 2019 5pm to 7pm

Michael Bush, born in 1975 in Gary, Indiana, now resides in Columbus, OH, is a self-taught abstract artist.  He has been selected to participate in many juried shows in and around Ohio including Art for Life and the Ohio State Fair Professional Division.  He is represented by Hayley Gallery in New Albany, Ohio.

The process Michael uses for creating his work is as much of a science experiment as it is art.  To create the motion and texture, he relies on chemical reactions of the material itself.  After laying down an acrylic background, He begins to build dept and texure with spray paint.  He explores the fluidity of his work through an organically manipulated process.  He pours watered down acrylic paint over the background and then uses an overspray tehnique to manipulate the water and paint to engage with one another.  While the paints and pigments are still in motion, he sprays the enamel to break apart and shape the acrylic and spray paints.  This causes the chemicals in the spray paints to break down and separate, creating the lines and tonal changes.  He repeats this process for several colors and layers until the desired image emerges.  He will then go over the piece one more time with acrylic paint to feature and highlight key areas of the piece, finishing it off with a clear enamel spray to seal the paint.  This also adds the gloss finish, which defines the colors, texture, and depth of the work. 

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