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Adrian Dennis

September 9, 2018


If you ask his mother, Adrian has been an artist since his toddler years; yet, her only proof is the doodled-on backs of church bulletins she’s had stashed away in a box for over 30 years.  If you ask his friends, the words creative and Adrian are synonymous in their book.  But if you ask Adrian, it still feels weird referring to himself as an “ar-teest.”


This is understandable, especially since he spent his first act in life teaching English to high schoolers for seven years.  It was in his third year that Adrian lost his grandfather:



Grandpa was a painter, and I’d like to think he took pride in seeing the creative gene continue through me.  At some point during every family gathering, he would invite me out to his studio to share his latest work or show me a new technique.  Art is how we connected then, and art is how we stay connected today.


So he isn’t classically trained; he’s not even self-taught.  He’s grandpa-taught


Adrian actually inherited his grandfather’s paintbrushes, pallet knives, and easel.  “I like the idea that every piece I paint is in some way created by him since I’m using his tools,” explained Adrian, “It’s like the beat goes on, you know?” 


When cleaning out the estate, his family discovered dozens of paintings thrown in a pile and locked up in one of his sheds.  “Apparently Grandpa thought they were crap, but we loved them,” laughed Adrian.  “I’ve thought about that pile of misfit paintings a lot.  Why didn’t he ever share them?  Why have I not been sharing mine?  So, here I am.”


Barcelona Restaurant is Adrian’s Columbus Art Scene debut.


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