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Ellen Knolls

June 15, 2016



As a Self-Taught artist, the journey began in 2009 when she picked up the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards.  The book established the fundamentals in drawing and painting that started an instant connection.  Taking a few classes online and at the Columbus Cultural Art Center she began teaching her self along the way eventually creating a certain style that emerged when she discovered the “Drip” style of painting.  The love of dance and the movement that emerged while engaging in the process, like the above referenced book, from the beginning, became an instant connection.  Being an Actor as well as a painter, and the love of telling a story, what better object of my work than the Ballet Dancer.  Although there are varying styles and subjects in her work, you can rest assured that a lot of love and time and learning goes into each and every piece.  Ellen when not in her studio at 400 W. Rich in Franklinton, can be found at her home in Bexley with her Partner in Crime, Dan, her last of three kids at home, David and her Dog Kenji, and 21 year old cat, Ben.



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