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Featured Artist Richard Lopez

March 7, 2016


Excelling in his art classes from grade school through high school, he studied art periodically at Ohio State University before his musical career took precedence.  Not until the year 2000 did Richard return to his art studies on a regular basis.

He took classes at CCAD and the Cultural Arts Center, where he gave a one man show in the Loft Gallery.  In 2003, while in Los Angleles for a year, Lopez studied full time at the Los Angleles Academy of Figurative Art.  His mentors in LA were Anthony Ryder, Sergio Sanchez among others.

Richard regularly takes workshops with world-renowned artist and attends the annual Portrait Society Conferences in Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

Lopez\\\\\\\'s favorite mediums are oil, watercolor and charcoal.  His subject matter ranges from industrial landscapes, still life and figural studies.

Look for Richard\\\\\\\'s art on the Web at www.richard

Feel free to contact Richard at (614) 440-1851 or email

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