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Featured Artist Ryan Orewiler

November 19, 2015



Ryan Orewiler grew up in Columbus (the capital of Ohio) and throughout northern Ohio. He was raised primarily by craftsmen, artists and educators. Since an early age, Ryan has been fascinated with the characteristics of life in the city and living in German Village. He's inspired by the streets of the historic neighborhood located on the edge of downtown Columbus. As a boy, he traveled to several cities on the East Coast: Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland and New York City. Soon after his return from his visit to New York City when he was eight. Throughout his childhood, Ryan always created in his family's studios and workshops. Into his senior year, he began to take advanced landscape oil painting and later created his first painting of Columbus cityscape. In 2004, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Throughout his career, Ryan has drawn, sketched and painted hundreds of cityscapes – focusing on architecture, use of public space, streets, modes of transportation, individuals and groups of people within a each city's environment. His work has been collected and commissioned by individuals and corporations throughout the United States of America.

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