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Jes Moore

July 5, 2018


Artist and designer Jes Moore is interested in materials and design processes that explore concepts such as astronomy, mythology and history. “I attempt to unveil bits of the Great Mystery through the artistic study of constellations, mythological themes and yogic philosophy,” Moore says. Among her best-known pieces are the “Trichilocosm” series, which uses abstract aesthetics to contemplate the ancient Indian cosmologic concept of the trichilocosm; also known as “the billion-fold universe.” Moore’s choice of materials is very intentional, joining her to a family of artists who have worked with beeswax that extends into ancient times. The techniques she uses yield pieces that can be preserved for decades, if not centuries. Her methods characteristically involve sculptural, painterly and drawing techniques as well as the use of various unique collage materials, meticulously collected. Moore has a background in sculpture, mural work, and digital art. She currently works full time as a senior graphic designer while showing her work in various galleries across the country.


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