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Jesse Elliott Binder

November 9, 2018

Jesse Elliott Binder

Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Jesse Elliott Binder found his love for art at an early age. Taking a liking for cartoon and comic book illustration he started to mimic some of his favorite artists with tracing and replication. Shifting away from comic books he started to develop his own style and techniques and brought it to the streets of Columbus doing street art and graffiti. The late 80s and early 90s were a blur of skateboarding, punk rock, and his first exposure into the abstract world of fine art. Having attended Fort Hayes high school and fine arts vocational program, he started his journey into the world of creating his own masterpieces on canvas and selling privately while still in high school. Fast forward 25 years he enjoys painting at his own leisure and participating in art shows every few years. Take time to enjoy some recent works from the artist.

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