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Maureen Clark

July 29, 2016

I am a self- taught artist, so what?  It is all of my being! Art is expression; reflection. My works, I feel are never quite completed, because I am not. I paint my life and journey, these perceptions are constantly changing and evolving, therefore so is my art. I believe that in order to see the reality of life, you must try to understand it. Awakening true insight into the souls of our existence. Allowing understanding to our own nature, our daily impression extended out onto the world. My intent is to evoke reflection within ourselves and our perception of the world around us. Within every piece is an awareness, an intuition. Among  a playful curiosity, with wishful dreaminess for positive hope.

Presently exhibiting works in the Short North, Downtown Columbus. Displaying works created out of my studio space, 400 Studios in Franklinton. I could live off of cheese, chocolate and wine forever. I enjoy sarcasm and a true blissful laugh, the one that causes tears. Cheers

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