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Rocco Pisto featured Artist

April 8, 2015

Rocco Pisto began developing his artistic side as a young teen, and continued to do so while studying under his long time mentor and confidante, Kingsley Calkins.  King’s work has had a strong influence on his art both during his college years at Eastern Michigan University where he earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts and continues now, 40 years later.  His passion for the painting process was influenced by abstract expressionist icons as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.


Rocco Pisto’s love for the abstract elements of nature began in the 1970’s and has found expression in water based media.  Working with watercolor’s unexpected results allows him to produce unique, spontaneous works.  His paintbrush becomes a performer, dancing across the paper, juicy and full of life, similar to that of a symphony.  He works quite deliberately, using both traditional and

not so traditional techniques.


His art has been displayed locally in the Mac Worthington Gallery of Art as well as the Terra Gallery.

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