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Scott Steelman

May 2, 2016

Scott Steelman


Scott Steelman was born in Columbus Ohio.  His family, which included actors, writers and musicians, nurtured and encouraged his creative side.  His career as a musician lead to becoming an accomplished composer and arranger.  He has taught music and authored books for music teachers.  Composing music for films and videos provided the seminal intersection of music and pictures.  He is a producer of music, video and multimedia.  His experimental forms of contemporary-classical , jazz and avant-garde music inspired interdisciplinary collaborations with other artist, film makers and poets.  Now, as a painter and visual artist, Scott works at his studio near Columbus, which also contains a recording studio.  Using traditional art media along with digital technology, he has created his own unique genre.  His work is displayed at galleries and shows throughout the area.


Contact:    Phone:  614-226-3800

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