Stephanie Plotts

August 4, 2020

Small moments in the unique places she has traveled to and humanizing interactions with the people around her, are the things that have most inspired Steph Plotts’ art. Acrylic and alcohol ink on canvas are Steph’s preferred mediums because they allow her to create varying depths through color and texture. She also leverages many different styles and media to convey her sense of purpose and creativity blended with a warm humanism that exemplifies her work.

An Ohio native, Steph attended The College of Wooster and received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After moving to Columbus, Ohio, she found her passion and purpose in life. Art found her and presented her a medium to help and inspire herself and others. Steph currently lives in the Italian Village because of its inspiring, eccentric and creative nature. She is often found with a paintbrush and her favorite goldendoodle, Sydney.

Interested in connecting or purchasing an art piece? Steph is currently displaying her art work on Social Media:

Facebook: Steph Plotts Art

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