Featured Artist – Patrick Sloan

October 8, 2020

Introducing Patrick Sloan, our featured artist and a proud member of the Barcelona Team.

Born and raised in southern Ohio, I have called Columbus home for the past five years. Now 24, I am a proud member of the staffs of Barcelona and The Guild House. I am also currently pursuing a business degree with minors in architecture and landscape design, as well as fielding assignments as a freelance landscaper, photographer, and artist when I can.

At the age of nine, my grandmother gifted me my first camera and told me I had an eye for photography. Although I am still a little befuddled at how she knew at that age, since then, my growth as a photographer has paralleled my personal growth in lockstep. Most recently, I have found that my study of landscape architecture is unambiguously reflected in my work.

Growing up feeling misunderstood as a gay man in rural Ohio, I turned to art as an escape. I come from a family boasting many artists, so their encouragement combined with my need for a cathartic pastime has always put art in the forefront for me. Often while visiting my grandma in Fort Myers, Florida, she would bring me along to her myriad of art classes in which she was enrolled, and I credit these experiences with molding me into the artist I am today.

Since my incessant overthinking predominates most aspects of my life, the simplicity and subtlety of abstract paintings have always intrigued me. I hope you find my work as enjoyable as a consumer as I have as its creator. Thank you.


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