Barcelona is proud to be a member of these organizations- please check them out. Learn what they stand for and how they contribute to this great City of Columbus.

Dine Originals Columbus

Dine Originals Columbus is a community of independently owned and operated restaurants in the Columbus, Ohio area. The Mission of Dine Originals Columbus is to celebrate, support and promote locally owned and operated independent restaurants by providing unique dining experiences for its patrons and collaborative services and benefits for it members. The Association formed in the Spring of 2003 and most likely you are familiar with many of the restaurants on our roster. You have heard they are amongst the most frequently lauded eateries in Columbus. You frequently see our names sponsoring community and charitable events. Hopefully they are on your list of favorites and you would feel somehow bereft if any one of us closed. But, you may not know these restaurants are members of Dine Originals Columbus and we belong for many very good reasons. If youve ever worked in the restaurant industry you know the restaurant business is tough. It is a competitive battle for patrons, for recognition, and for purchasing power. No one knows this better than our owner/operated independent restaurants and no one appreciates and relishes the rewards more than we do. These are Our restaurants in Our city and Our guests are members of Our community. We are vested in every way and our daily battle is to create a rewarding and personal dining experience for every guest every time. Instead of competing with each other, we collaborate for ventures we could not afford to do alone. We participate in grass roots and main stream advertising, joint charitable and community events, group purchasing, and camaraderie. We provide discounted gift certificates as an illustration of appreciation to our guests. We provide joint benefits for our staffs. As of August 2009, we are 40 members strong and growing. Dine Originals Columbus helps sustain the independent restaurant members and make them more viable. These restaurants help define Columbus, give it character and pizzazz, make it a memorable town to visit and live. We urge you to support our local independent restaurants here and across the country and we thank you for your patronage and your loyalty. Help us help you and Columbus thrive.

Experience Columbus

There’s an energy and excitement in Columbus that’s going to hit you as soon as you arrive. Big things are happening here, and you’re invited to join in. The city is booming, and not just in population. The Columbus Museum of Art just added a spectacular new wing, and the Scioto Mile project puts 33 acres of new riverfront parkland in the heart of downtown. The innovative food scene melds artisan food producers with imaginative chefs to create meals that are far greater than the sum of their parts. Nationally acclaimed distilleries work together with brewers, coffee roasters and high-end cocktail bars, black box stages, music halls and dive bars to deliver unforgettable nightlife. Neighborhoods on all sides of downtown are bursting with new places to eat and shop, and artists are shaping new areas of the city into dynamic spaces to explore. It’s time to get to know the Columbus that grew up when you weren’t looking. Experience Columbus’ vision is to be the orchestrator of a unique, positive and unparalleled experience for any and all visitors to Columbus. Experience Columbus’ mission is to create, sell and market a customized “Columbus Experience” to visitors resulting in greater community prosperity and vitality through visitor spending.
German Village Business Community
German Village Business Community – Part of the German Village Society – German Village, Columbus, Ohio
German Village Society
German Village Society GERMAN VILLAGE IS HOME. And for family, friends and visitors, its also a home away from home. Thats because you dont have to live in German Village to live here. In German Village, our mission is simple: preserve, protect and promote life among the bricks. WE ARE HONORING THE PAST. THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING. For over 50 years, German Village has been leading efforts to preserve a shared past. German Village continues to work diligently every day to ensure that what was started here two centuries ago isnt forgotten This Village cannot be created or replicated: It can only be sustained. Mission Statement Members of the German Village Society serve as Caretakers of A Legacy, dedicated to retaining the character and distinction of the past while creating a thriving and contemporary community in German Village.
Local Matters
Local Matters is a not-for-profit based on Central Ohio, whose mission is to make local, healthy, sustainably grown food equally accessible to everyone in our community. Our core values of Compassion, Community, Sustainability and Equality, are the touchstones that inform all our decisions, our interactions and the creation of our community programs.

Ohio Restaurant Association

Celebrating more than 95 years serving Ohio’s foodservice industry! Founded in 1920, the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) is backed with more than 95 years of industry experience that the association relies upon to serve our membership. Since the association’s inception, the ORA has been committed to providing Ohio’s food service professionals with everything they need to run their businesses. As the only statewide organization with a full-time lobbyist and political advocacy program devoted exclusively to the foodservice industry, the ORA remains focused on serving its members. The ORA will lead Ohio’s restaurant industry into a new era of prosperity, prominence and participation in enhancing the quality of life for all we serve.