Barcelona Featured Artist – Christy Gerlach

July 22, 2022

Christy Gerlach
Artist’s Reception – Wednesday, August 10

Christy Gerlach has been painting with oils for the past 12 years.
Since 2020, she has been experimenting with the incorporation of cold wax to her work. Adding this dimension to her oil paints gives her a
fresh layer of complex surfaces.

Christy draws inspiration from a variety of places. Her work is largely influenced by the travel she does with her husband as she is always looking to learn and grow. The Columbus Cultural Arts Center has been an impactful tool for her; there she is able to consistently learn from the teachers. Simply being around the other talented artists at the Center is an added bonus. Social media has also served as a point of reference where Christy can see how other artists are sharing their creativity.

“I hope to create connections with those who appreciate my work and cast a memory through my visual vocabulary.” – Christy Gerlach

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