Barcelona Featured Artist – Steven A. Dunn

September 8, 2022

Some of the great passions in my life include travel and painting.
As I travel, I visually capture the beautiful scenes around me.
Through my art, I try to convey the colors and experiences of the
places I have traveled.

I grew up in Northwest Ohio, realizing at an early age that I was color blind. In my early years,
this felt like a hindrance and slowed my passion for art, until I enrolled at Columbus College of Art and Design.
There I learned to embrace the challenge and now I utilize as many colors as I can in my work.

Acrylic paint is the medium of choice for my creative expression.
I am excited about the magic of painting and its ability to reflect my unique perception
and my feelings in a form that
I can share with others. 614.431.0843

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