Barcelona Featured Artist – Susan Carmichael

November 3, 2022

Susan Carmichael

I am honored to have my artwork displayed at Barcelona Restaurant!


Not sure how it all started, but the creative side of me one day said to just do it- so, I did it! My growth through art has been a strange evolution, from holding the brush, staring at a blank canvas, and painting what is in my head. Through my experience painting, I have gained not only knowledge, but a profound love and respect for painting. I am four years into this journey, and I must tell you that it definitely gets better, even when paint ends up all over the floor, or the dog for that matter.


Although I am not professionally trained in “the art” of art, my favorite part about creating is the “ah-ha” moments. I love when the colors explode like magic right there in front of me, both the good and the bad. My inspiration comes from an energy that I cannot explain. I never know what I am going to paint until it comes to life.


How fortunate am I to have a gift that keeps on giving!



Susan Carmichael



Join Susan for her Artist Reception on

Tuesday, November 15

5-7 PM


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