Featured Artist – Sheila Cottingham

November 8, 2023

Featured Artist – Sheila Cottingham

Artist’s Reception

Tuesday, November 28 from 5 to 7pm


My work depicts the natural world, with an emphasis on beautiful color and form.
I have always observed and appreciated the elegance and grace in our world, animals, flowers, bodies of water, landscapes, and people.
I enjoy observing and painting the balance of light and shadow.
Many subjects interest me and catch my eye daily.

I work primarily in oils on canvas, linen, and boards. Creating art has become such an important part of my life, and has opened many opportunities to grow, learn,
and appreciate the beauty in the world even more than I did before I began painting and drawing, nine years ago.
It’s been a pleasure to share this exploration with new artist friends, instructors as well as the public.
What a blessing to have discovered this way to express my appreciation of the beauty I see around me.
To share this with others through my work is amazing!


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